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TALES AND TUNES with Paddy Lynn and Patti Ecker / 45-60 min / Ages 3 and up

What better way to enjoy a Family Night than tapping your toes and singing along with the lively music of Patti Ecker and the energetic participation stories of Paddy Lynn.  These two gals will have you dancing and acting and using your creative imaginations in a variety of ways.  Whether you want to sit around a campfire or in the comfort of an indoor setting, this program offers something for everyone in the family, kids and adults alike. 

“You were a Hit! Can you come again next year?”

Medinah Park District patron

FAMILY READING NIGHT / 45-60 min / Preschoolers 2-5 yrs

Day Care Centers, Early Learning Centers, Preschools of all types, will enjoy Storyacting with Paddy’s program entitled, COLOR MY WORLD.  Paddy brings age-appropriate stories with a few costumes, props, and other visual items to stir the imagination of the audience.  The children assist in the program by acting out stories with Paddy’s guidance.  There is something for everyone to do whether you are onstage with Paddy or in the audience.  What a fun way to celebrate books!

“Paddy interacts with both children and adults and engages them throughout the entire program.”


Salem Methodist Preschool, Barrington

FAMILY READING NIGHT/ 45-60 min / K-5th grades

Family Reading Night is such a delightful way to celebrate learning, the imagination, and of course, books.  Paddy selects age-appropriate stories for the children to act out with her, as well as something for those who choose to stay in the audience to watch.  It is truly a “shared experience.”  Using a few simple costumes and props, the stories are acted out in such a way that makes the stories fun and memorable. 

“Paddy is an incredibly engaging and effective speaker and educator.  Her message of linking literature to the state standards was evident and her love for the art of literature rang true in her entire presentation.”


John Middleton Elementary, Skokie

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Paddy Lynn Chicago Storyteller Storyacting Workshops
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