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I was six years old. My first grade class was doing a holiday program at the local high school. I walked out on stage dressed in a white tutu, carrying an enormous  lollipop bigger than my head, when the lights suddenly flashed and the sound rolled, and Walla! - It was Showtime! From that moment on, the acting bug bite me and there was no stopping me. To this day I continue to dream and live my passion as an actress and storyteller, and there's not a day that goes by that I don't thank God and my lucky stars for the opportunity.

All through my elementary and high school days, I was active in plays, and fascinated with theatre in general. It was no wonder I majored in theatre in college at Illinois State University, where I received my bachelors degree.


After finishing college, I joined a theatre group in Evanston, IL, and helped form a children's theatre company that went into schools in the Chicago/Metropolitan area. I had such a wonderful time sharing a variety of programs with the students that I decided to return to the schools after taking a hiatus to have my second daughter. When I returned, I worked as a substitute teacher and a teacher's aide in the elementary schools. I was actually, honing my skills as a storyteller at the time, without being fully aware that I would soon launch into a solo career as a storyteller. This was the perfect fit for someone who loves literature and is very expressive! I even found a way to incorporate all my theatre training into my telling. I started 'storyacting' with young people aged 3-10, which enables them to tell the stories with me.


Storyacting is just one of the many programs that I offer.  So whether you are looking for a program to suit the needs of the very young, or even the young at heart, I'm certain, I have a program for you!

Paddy Lynn Chicago Storyteller Storyacting Workshops
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