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Paddy Lynn Experience


  • I have acted in over 100 plays

  • Worked with a professional theater company as a writer, director, and actor in many productions that serviced Chapter One schools in Chicago bringing them Shakespeare, Chaucer, and a variety of children’s programs

  • Served as Artistic Director for The Kirk Players Community Theatre for 16 years

  • Created my own Storytelling Business in the late 90’s called Paddy Lynn Storyacting

  • Have been sharing my love for theater and literature in my storyacting programs for 18 years, servicing people of all ages

  • Wrote four original history programs that I’ve been performing for many years

  • Wrote and self-published my first book with illustrator, Deb Edmunds, FOLLOW THE WIND WHEREVER IT BLOWS in 2012

  • Wrote seventeen books with author and educator, Lana Pritzker called Whimsical Tales From The Wild Hearts that can be found on

  • Spent four weeks in Mexico City storytelling to over 3,500 children in six different cities

Paddy Lynn Chicago Storyteller Storyacting Workshops
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