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Storyacting / 45min / Ages 6-10

This is a fully participatory show!

Perfect for any celebration of children's books!  Children act out popular story books with make-shift props and a little on-the-spot coaching. I combine storytelling with a bit of acting using the children as various characters or objects in the stories, and we present the entire piece as a little mini-play.  I take on characters and do all of the narration, and guide the children so they never feel put on the spot.  The end result is a wonderfully theatrical "telling" of each individual story.  Even young children are captivated by watching the magic happen onstage. The audience joins in with sound effects, special effects or basically whatever is needed in each particular tale.  We all get involved with the experience.

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Storyacting/Storytelling / 45 min / Ages 6-10

Children enjoy hearing stories that come from other countries and what better way to make a story come to life than to act it out as a group? Storyacting provides children the opportunity to act various stories out and learn a little about different cultures in the process.  Several stories are available to choose from. 

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Storyacting/Storytelling / 45 min / Ages 6-10

We can all learn a great deal from our native brothers and sisters. They used stories to teach valuable lessons to their children. Through stories, children would learn important lessons that they would remember for the rest of their lives and then hand those lessons down to their own children.

Peace Pipe Tales Storyacting is a program that uses two wonderful native legends that offer many roles for the children to participate in.

Children  bring the legends to life by playing a variety of characters and using different instruments to create sound.

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Storyacting/Storytelling / 45 min / Ages 6-10

Fully Participatory Program

Whether you are looking for some "not so spooky" stories at Halloween, or you just want to have fun any time of the year, this program is sure to give youngsters a good thrill. I have some special stories which I spin and shape into the silly and creative fun that tickles the funny bone and rattles the imagination. The best part is the children take on a variety of characters and objects and share in the "telling" of the tales.

Paddy Lynn Chicago Storyteller Storyacting Workshops
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