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COLOR MY WORLD - Storyacting / 45 min / Ages 2 - 5

This is a fully participatory show!


Perfect for any celebration of children's books!  Children act out popular storybooks with make-shift props and a little on-the-spot coaching. I combine storytelling with a bit of acting using the children as various characters or objects in the stories, and we present the entire piece as a little mini-play.  I take on characters and do all of the narration, and guide the children so they never feel put on the spot.  The end result is a wonderfully theatrical "telling" of each individual story.  Even young children are captivated by watching the magic happen onstage. The audience joins in with sound effects, special effects or basically whatever is needed in each particular tale.  We all get involved with the experience.

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Paddy Lynn Chicago Storyteller Storyacting Workshops
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